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 An Adventure in the Void

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PostSubject: An Adventure in the Void   Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:25 pm

The little girl Evelyn briskly opened her eyes, startled. No thought came to her mind, at first. Then, her consciousness tried to adjust itself to reality by evoking some rudimentary assumptions: It was dark! So dark, she couldn't distinguish a single part of the furniture. Maybe her mother had entered the room to lower the blinds: that must have been the solution. She always complained how they had to pay more for heating with windows left uncovered.
It was just after these comforting explanations when the girl remembered she had fallen asleep at 2 pm, while studying for Biology class. How come it was so obscure?? How many hours had she missed? The complete obscurity supposedly meant that it was long after midnight - and how was it even possible that her mother had allowed her to sleep through the whole evening, even through dinner time? Panic attacked the confused girl's heart. Was her mother alright?
But the true terror arose when she got up - and she couldn't feel the floor under her feet.
What? ..What was happening? Evelyn fingered her face hysterically in a desperate lunatic attempt to regain her sense of touch; only to fuel her inner blaze! It felt (did it even feel) so weird?! As if she had faded, as if her fingers had tingled so severely their receptors had refused to function, as if ...her flesh had lost its density... Oh My! What if... what if that meant she... could it be possible that she.. had .. died????!!!
Suddenly she entered an operational mode. At least she was very good at adapting to new conditions. She had to gather some answers as quickly as possible ... She made few hesitant steps because she didn't know what to expect. If she had really died, maybe this could be the lair of some infernal monster and she didn't want to insert her foot directly into its ravenous mouth!
Nothing. It was exactly nothing that she felt, just a rather vacuum movement that ended in ambiguity. She proceeded a bit more confidently, since she was eager to find out whether she would relieve her bothered spirit by stumbling upon her desk and realizing that it was just about some disturbing post-sleep limpness. She could almost feel the euphoria of triumph bursting in her chest... the emotion was killed in the moment of its very arousal. Still nothing but complete blackness instead of the solid sensory response of wooden material.
What was this place??
Where was she??
Was she asleep?! Would she wake up from this NIGHTMARE?!
She pinched herself but it didn't change anything.
The next reaction of Evelyn was to start running hecticly. This place was definitely NOT her room and she definitely HAD to be dead!!! Hell's bells!?!?! Did it really feel like THAT to be dead?! She had feared the torments of Dante's Inferno, she had desponded to the idea of complete death and destruction of existence, but this.... was worse than BOTH! It was unbelievable! It was better to be corroded by acid worms or disappear forever than ... just dangle in an unplace where there is nothing to be heard, smelt, seen, tasted, touched or done but.... somehow just to be there ... in blackness, phobia and the abnormities of your own crazed imagination!
Soon her rush gave way to a resigned halt. She sat down (or at least imitated the movement). It was as if she hung in mid-nothingness. She looked up - blackness; she looked around - blackness; she looked down - and she nauseated so badly she had to lie down to recover.
Her mind finally started to process the calculations of the gathered information.... It resulted in claustrophobic inextricable desolate madness; the first fits after its establishment felt like annihilation ... but she was just about to find out the true horror ... soon the adrenaline would exhaust itself and it would become quiet... very quiet, slow and most importantly - hopeless...

(to be continued)

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An Adventure in the Void
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